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From: Page, Bill
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] RE: Mathaction edit/preview/save problem
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 18:34:28 -0500

On Monday, January 17, 2005 6:14 PM I wrote:
> William, I have spent a bit of time trying to research your
> network problem. There are several reports on the web that seem
> related to your problem of "Document has no data" that suggest
> that this might be a "spyware" kind of problem or perhaps caused
> by the incorrect removal of some other network software. The
> suggested solution is given here:
> http://www.cexx.org/lspfix.htm
> LSP-Fix
> Repairs Winsock 2 settings, caused by buggy or
> improperly-removed Internet software, that result in loss
> of Internet access

Since you are using Windows XP (SP2) here is another link
with details that might help correct the problem:


Repair/Reset Winsock settings (Links)

Most of the Internet connectivity problems arise out of
corrupt Winsock settings. Windows sockets settings may get
corrupted due to a networking software installation, spyware
or remnants of it. You may notice errors such as
"Page cannot be displayed" or similar, in Internet Explorer.
You will be able to get connected to the Internet, but the
packets won't transfer back and forth. One of the main cause
for these problems is the corruption of Winsock settings.
In any case, you may use these methods to repair/reset the
Windows Sockets settings to defaults.

WinSock XP Fix - fix XP internet connectivity: 

How to determine and recover from Winsock2 corruption: 

Error message when you try to connect to network: An operation
was attempted on something that is not a socket: 

How to Reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP:

Windows XP Service Pack 2 - New Winsock NETSH commands (try this first)

Winsock now has the ability to self-heal after a user
uninstalls such an LSP. Two new Netsh commands are available
in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

* netsh winsock reset catalog

This command resets the Winsock catalog to the default
configuration. This can be useful if a malformed LSP is
installed that results in loss of network connectivity.
While use of this command can restore network connectivity,
it should be used with care because any previously-installed
LSPs will need to be re-installed.

* netsh winsock show catalog

This command displays the list of Winsock LSPs that are
installed on the computer.


Let me know how it goes.

Bill Page.


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