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Submitted by : (unknown) at: 2007-11-17T21:59:39-08:00 (15 years ago)
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With Texmacs in Windows XP the result of:


is only partialy displaied. In command mode all is OK.

In MathAction it looks like this:


{{\left({{\left({4 \  z}+{4 \  y}+{{12}\  x}\right)}\ {\sqrt{y}}}+{{\left({4 \  z}+{{12}\  y}+{4 \  x}\right)}\ {\sqrt{x}}}\right)}\ {\sqrt{z}}}+ 
{{\left({{12}\  z}+{4 \  y}+{4 \  x}\right)}\ {\sqrt{x}}\ {\sqrt{y}}}+{{z}^{2}}+{{\left({6 \  y}+{6 \  x}\right)}\  z}+{{y}^{2}}+{6 \  x \  y}+ 
Type: Expression(Integer)

With WinTeXmacs? version 1.0.5 and Axiom for Windows 0.1.4 only the second line of the result is returned, beginning with (12 z + 4 y + 4 x).

work-a-round for TeXmacs --Bill Page, Wed, 18 May 2005 07:44:04 -0500 reply
This seems to be a problem in the TeXmacs conversion of LaTeX output. The output is correct if you set a shorter Axiom output width as follows:
  )set output texmacs width 3.5

This command is one of several new commands in the new OldTeXmacs interface in Axiom for Windows. In TeXmacs the command:

  )set output texmacs


  --------------------------- The texmacs Option ----------------------------

  Description: options for display of AXIOM output in TeXmacs

  )set output texmacs is used to control the TeXmacs-AXIOM interface
  The default values are controlled by environment variable TM_AXIOM
  and may be overriden by command line options.

  Syntax:    )set output texmacs <arg>
      where arg can be one or more of
    break <on>|<off>              line-break algorithm
    over <on>|\<off>              convert 2-d \over to 1-d
    cdot <on>|<off>               convert \cdot to \ (space)
    space <on>|<off>              convert \ (space) to \,
    big( <on>|<off>               convert \left( \right( to ( )
    width <9.99>                  line width in inches

      <on> may be on, yes, 1
      <off> may be off, no , 0

   The current settings are:
     break 1, over 1, cdot 1, space 0, big( 1, width 4.500

Category: Axiom on Windows => Axiom User Interface

possibly related to #300

Name: #158 Result with partial display => #158 Result with partial display in OldTeXmacs

Status: open => not reproducible

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