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Submitted by : (unknown) at: 2007-11-17T22:16:37-08:00 (15 years ago)
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On Saturday, January 15, 2005 10:41 AM you wrote:
> ... 
> No, I am not able to get graphics to appear in an X-window
> from inside TeXmacs.  That's what I *want* to be able to do.
> I have TeXmacs (latest being   I know the 
> plugin calls AXIOMsys, and I tried to make it call "axiom"
> or "sman" with no immediate success.

Ok great. You are obviously on the right track. If you compiled
TeXmacs from source then to make tm_axiom call "axiom", the
simplest thing to do is to modify the souce file tm_axiom.c by
replacing "AXIOMsys" with "axiom" and then recompile it. It is
a simple C program with no dependencies and can be compiled
separately. Move the tm_axiom.exe file to the appropriate place
in the TeXmacs installation directory.

If you didn't compile TeXmacs from source you can get just the
tm_axiom.c file from the CVS, modify it and compile as above.

> My preliminary, high-level, thought is to go the postscript 
> way as you suggest. I've used the GnuPlot plugin for TeXmacs,
> that's what it does.

Yes, exactly.

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