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Submitted by : (unknown) at: 2007-11-17T22:17:39-08:00 (14 years ago)
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In some cases FriCAS introduces special names such as %x0 standing for roots. For example:


\label{eq1}-{\cos \left({{12}\  x}\right)}+{{x}^{3}}+{{x}^{2}}(1)
Type: Expression(Integer)

\left[ \%x 0, \:{{{\sqrt{-{3 \ {{\%x 0}^{2}}}-{2 \  \%x 0}+ 1}}- \%x 0 - 1}\over 2}, \: \right.
\left.{{-{\sqrt{-{3 \ {{\%x 0}^{2}}}-{2 \  \%x 0}+ 1}}- \%x 0 - 1}\over 2}\right] 
Type: List(Expression(Integer))

That is OK and we can learn about defining equation like this:

definingPolynomial %x0

\label{eq3}-{\cos \left({{12}\  x}\right)}+{{\%x 0}^{3}}+{{\%x 0}^{2}}(3)
Type: Expression(Integer)

However, in this case the expression (3) surfaces bug in the solver: the variable x should not appear in the defining polynomial of %x0. In fact, since the equation is not a polynomial in x zerosOf should probably reject it.

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