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Submitted by : (unknown) at: 2007-11-17T22:31:58-08:00 (15 years ago)
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I tried to check out axiom from the CVS repository to my Macintosh Mini. I got errors because some directories contain files whose names differ only in case, such as axiom/src/doc/ps/SEGBIND.ps vs. axiom/src/doc/ps/segbind.ps.

The Macintosh file system is case insensitive. Can you rename files where this is an issue? The number of problem files appears to be small:

  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/aTx=b.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/aTx=b.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/delta.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/delta.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/gamma.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/gamma.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/lambda.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/lambda.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/omega.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/omega.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/phi.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/phi.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/pi.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/pi.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/psi.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/psi.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/sigma.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/sigma.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/theta.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/theta.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/upsilon.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/upsilon.bitmap
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/xi.bitmap; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/bitmaps/xi.bitmap
  cvs update: Updating axiom/src/hyper/pages
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/pages/poly.ht; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/pages/poly.ht
  cvs update: move away axiom/src/hyper/pages/poly.pht; it is in the way
  C axiom/src/hyper/pages/poly.pht
  cvs update: Updating axiom/src/hyper/viewports

building Axiom on a MAC --Bill Page, Sat, 05 May 2007 21:47:47 -0500 reply
It is currently not possible to build Axiom on a MAC from the version of Axiom in CVS (Axiom Gold) because of case sensitive file names and several other problems. These have been fixed in the development branch of the SVN archive on SourceForge (AxiomSilverBranch?) and will eventually be migrated to Gold.

For instructions on how to build from Axiom Silver now see Building Axiom on Mac OS X on page [Build Axiom]?.

testing in build-improvements and wh-sandbox --billpage, Sat, 05 May 2007 21:49:17 -0500 reply
Status: open => fix proposed

All filenames are downcased --daly, Thu, 20 Dec 2007 06:07:15 -0800 reply
Status: fix proposed => closed

On July 1, 2007, all filenames (except Makefile*) were downcased everywhere. Axiom now uses only lowercase filenames.

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