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Submitted by : kratt6 at: 2008-01-22T13:08:00-08:00 (15 years ago)
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Axiom seems to take forever on:

          sqrt(z))*sqrt(sqrt(z)+1)*(2*z-1)-2*z-sqrt(z)+1)/z^(3/4), z=0..1, "noPole")

same for the indefinite version. (Vladimir 49)


This is quite heavy computation and in current implementation it is done in rather inefficient way. So very long compute time is expected. After doing setSimplifyDenomsFlag(true) FriCAS handles the last example below reasonably fast. The first below still needs too much time for MathAction. Also, FriCAS thinks that the first below is nonelementary, so it is left unevaluated). The case above is more complicated.

Another failure:
  integrate(sqrt(1 - z)*sqrt(sqrt(1 + z^2)), z)

It seems that friCAS finally hangs calling reduce from FiniteDivisor?, which in turn is called by torsionIfCan in PFO. Similar::


\label{eq1} \mbox{\rm false} (1)
Type: Boolean

2 \  \cdot 
z \  \cdot 
Type: Union(Expression(Integer),...)

(Vladimir 48)

Name: #417 integration failure => #417 slow integration

  Subject:   Be Bold !!
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