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Submitted by : Bill Page at: 2008-05-28T16:42:07-07:00 (14 years ago)
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The function showSummary defined in the domain 'Domain':

    showSummary: % -> Void
      ++ showSummary(d) prints out implementation detail information
      ++ of domain `d'.

returns the error message:

   >> System error:
   |getConstructorPredicateFromDB| is invalid as a function.

(1) -> showSummary(Integer)
There are no library operations named showSummary Use HyperDoc Browse or issue )what op showSummary to learn if there is any operation containing " showSummary " in its name.
Cannot find a definition or applicable library operation named showSummary with argument type(s) Type
Perhaps you should use "@" to indicate the required return type, or "$" to specify which version of the function you need.

Axiom Version: => /usr/local/lib/open-axiom/x86_64-unknown-linux/1.2.0-2008-05-25

showSumary works
at the moment -- only for non-builtin constructors.

RomanNumeral? is not built-in --Bill Page, Wed, 28 May 2008 18:35:48 -0700 reply


\label{eq1}\hbox{\axiomType{MCMLXXXIV}\ }(1)
Type: RomanNumeral?

Domain is not a valid type.

a typo in the name of the Lisp function. Now fixed.

Here is what I meant by the comment on `builtin' domain:

  (2) -> showSummary Union(Integer,String)
  --------------------Predicate summary-------------------
  --------------------Attribute summary-------------------

   Union is an unknown constructor and so is unavailable. Did you mean
      to use -> but type something different instead?

this is clearly not right. But the reason it is that way is that Union is a builtin constructor.

Now showSummary works for non-builtin domains (when it doesn't it surely is a bug :-)

Status: open => closed

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