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Submitted by : greg at: 2008-08-03T11:17:31-07:00 (14 years ago)
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The if-then statement in this piece of code is badly compiled:

)abb package FOO Foo
Foo(R,VCR): Exports == Implementation where
  R   : FloatingPointSystem
  VCR : VectorCategory R
  Exports == with
    bar : (Boolean, VCR) -> Integer
    ++ bar(t,v)
  Implementation == add
    import OutputPackage
    bar(b, v) ==
      if b then
        for i in minIndex v..maxIndex v repeat
          if v.i <= 0 then return -1
        for i in minIndex v ..maxIndex v repeat
          v.i := 1
   Compiling FriCAS source code from file 
      using old system compiler.
   FOO abbreviates package Foo 
   initializing NRLIB FOO for Foo 
   compiling into NRLIB FOO 
   importing OutputPackage
   compiling exported bar : (Boolean,VCR) -> Integer
Time: 0.04 SEC.
(time taken in buildFunctor: 0)
;;; *** |Foo| REDEFINED
;;; *** |Foo| REDEFINED Time: 0 SEC.
Cumulative Statistics for Constructor Foo Time: 0.04 seconds
finalizing NRLIB FOO Processing Foo for Browser database: --->-->Foo(constructor): Not documented!!!! --------(bar ((Integer) (Boolean) VCR))--------- --->-->Foo(): Missing Description ; compiling file "/var/aw/var/LatexWiki/FOO.NRLIB/FOO.lsp" (written 15 APR 2014 04:51:22 PM):
; /var/aw/var/LatexWiki/FOO.NRLIB/FOO.fasl written ; compilation finished in 0:00:00.019 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Foo is now explicitly exposed in frame initial Foo will be automatically loaded when needed from /var/aw/var/LatexWiki/FOO.NRLIB/FOO


\label{eq1}\left[{0.0}, \:{0.0}, \:{0.0}, \:{0.0}, \:{0.0}\right](1)
Type: Vector(DoubleFloat?)

Type: NonNegativeInteger?

Axiom should display [1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0]? since b is set to false. If a statement is added just before the first for loop the compiler produces correct code.

Status: open => closed

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