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-Look at FriCASAdvatages to see some reasons to use FriCAS.
Look at FriCASAdvantages to see some reasons to use FriCAS.

FriCAS/Axiom Project (Fork)

Open source development project hosted on SourceForge? and email list on Google Groups with emphasis on the rapid improvement and bug fixing of Axiom on a large number of different systems.

The FriCAS? fork was created by Waldek Hebisch (http://www.math.uni.wroc.pl/~hebisch).

FriCAS? comes with a huge library of mathematical knowledge starting from simple linear algebra up to solving differential equations and much more. Look at FriCASAdvantages? to see some reasons to use FriCAS?. More about the features of FriCAS? can be found in the Axiom Book or read start reading FriCASTutorial?.

The FriCAS? library can be extended in the programming language SPAD. Learn more about Programming in SPAD.

When editing pages on this wiki you can specify which version/fork of Axiom you wish to use to execute the commands in the \begin{axiom} ... \end{axiom} environment. This page is currently set to 'Axiom: friCAS-20090114':

Value = "FriCAS 1.3.5 compiled at Thu Feb 21 18:22:14 UTC 2019"

Any comments containing commands added here will use this version of FriCAS?.

See also FriCASIntegration?

See also: [OpenAxiom]? (another fork of Axiom)